Model VGS - Heat and Condensate Vent Hoods

GreaseMaster’s VGS hood is an exhaust only unit to be used
over equipment not producing grease laden vapors.

Features at a Glance
• ETL Listed and ETL Sanitation Listed Product
• Excellent Exhaust Flow Rates
• Exceptional Capture and Containment of Cooking Vapors
• Wall, Single Island or Double Island Configurations
• Available in 100% Type 304 Stainless Steel Construction
• Pre-punched Hanging Angles

Optional Equipment
• Condensate Perimeter Gutter and Single Drain
• Front Perforated Supply Plenum
• Enclosure Panels to Ceiling
• Lighting
 – Incandescent
 – Recessed Incandescent
 – Recessed Fluorescent
• Roof Top Packages
• Separate Exhaust and/or Make-Up Air Fans
• Heated Make-Up Air Units
 – Direct Gas Fired Heated Make-Up Air Fans
 – Indirect Gas Fired Heated Make-Up Air Units
 – Electric Heated Make-Up Air Units

Performance Data
Loads Configuration Exhaust CFM/ft Recommended Duct Sizing
Light Loads
Ovens, Rotisseries
Wall Hood
1 Piece Island
Based on 1500 FPM
Heavy Loads
Wall Hood
1 Piece Island

VGS Specifications
Description The model VGS is a Type II wall mounted or single island exhaust canopy used for non-grease applications for the removal of steam, vapor, heat and odors where grease is not present.

Application The hood is ETL Sanitation Listed for use over non-grease applications, specifically for the removal of steam, vapor, heat and odors. The hood shall be used over dishwashers, steam tables, ovens, steamers or kettles if they do not produce smoke or grease-laden vapors, subject to approval of the authority having jurisdiction.

Construction The hood shall be constructed of type 304 stainless steel with #3 or #4 polish. All seams shall be welded.

The hood shall be constructed to include:
• Exhaust duct collar
4” high with 1” flange.
• A minimum of four connections for hanger rods. Connectors shall have 9/16” holes pre-punched in 1 1/2” x 1 1/2” angle iron at the factory to allow for hanger rod connection by others.

Certifications The hood shall be ETL Listed and ETL Sanitation Listed.

Documentation Manufacturer shall furnish complete computer generated submittal drawings including hood section view(s), plan view(s), duct sizing, and CFM and static pressure requirements. Static pressure, air velocity and air volume requirements indicated on drawings shall be precise and accurate, and hood shall perform to said specifications. Drawings shall be available to the engineer, architect and owner for their use in construction, operation and maintenance.

Sectional View