HVAC Supply Duct

Features at a Glance
• Even air diffusion along entire duct length guarantees uniform temperature throughout the space
• Distinct hole patterns optimize performance and eliminate drafts and noisy airflow
• Laser cut holes remove the need for separate diffusers; duct sections can be rotated to achieve proper airflow direction
• Static pressure and airflow rates are defined and 3D modeled for exact performance prior to installation
• Modern, stainless construction designed to last 20+ years
• Quick assembly onsite with bolt-on universal V-clamps and steel cable hanging system
• Fully welded and leak tested in the factory - no welding onsite required
• Used in both heating and cooling applications
• 20 year standard warranty (see operation manual for details)

Additional Information
Operation & Installation Manual
Written Specification (Single Wall) (PDF)
Written Specification (Single Wall) (Word)
Written Specification (Double Wall) (PDF)
Written Specification (Double Wall) (Word)
Gasket Details (Single Wall)
Gasket Details (Double Wall)
RTU Curb Adapter Details

Air Diffusion Supply Duct complies with SMACNA (Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors) best practices.