RTU - Rooftop Unit

Product Overview
GreaseMaster’s Rooftop Unit (RTU) is the ideal HVAC solution offering exceptional energy savings and unprecedented comfort and humidity control.

GreaseMaster's RTU is designed from its core to conserve energy and save on operating costs. Its rare earth magnet inverter scroll compressor eliminates excessive cycling, premature unit aging, inefficient hard starts, and unnecessary energy consumption. Modulating technologies allow it to deliver the highest efficiencies at part-load conditions.

GreaseMaster's RTU contains fully modulating refrigeration and optional hot gas reheat components that deliver the exact amount of air requested at the desired temperature and humidity. Variable speed components allow the unit to adjust its heating and cooling capacity to match the required load. This provides a consistent temperature throughout the space and avoids large temperature swings often associated with single stage equipment.

GreaseMaster's RTU achieves an impressive 20.2 IEER rating (Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio) which is over 1.5x the ASHRAE 90.1-2016 IEER standard. Designed with the future in mind, it is poised to exceed rising IEER standards for years to come.

GreaseMaster offers unmatched factory service and technical support through its rapidly expanding nationwide service team. Each local service technician undergoes extensive in-house training to ensure your needs are quickly met and problems are thoroughly addressed. Since GreaseMaster's RTU is a fully standardized equipment line, service techs are able to stock most replacement parts on their trucks, eliminating long lead times often associated with service visits. Additionally, GreaseMaster's RTU is designed with service in mind, incorporating several convenience features to make support visits as smooth and efficient as possible.

Quick Ship Emergency Units
Emergency Paragon HVAC units ship in 2-3 days. Factory provided curb adaptors are pre-gasketed and come with an integrated electrical chase as well as power and communication whips for quick and easy replacement of any RTU brand.

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Features at a Glance
• Danfoss variable speed inverter scroll compressor with VFD
• Mixed air temperature/humidity sensor measures outdoor, return, mixed, discharge and space air
• 2” metal mesh outdoor air filters
• Low leakage outdoor air damper, includes integrated louver and bird screen assembly, exceeds AMCA Class 1A leakage standards
• Wide staggered indoor coil design
• Electronic expansion valve modulates 0-100% providing automated superheat control and monitoring and preventing liquid migration
• Stainless steel sloped condensate drain pan, includes float switch and exceeds ASHRAE 62.1 standards
• Natural gas indirect fired furnace with constant 80% efficiency through modulation
• Variable speed direct drive supply fan
• Variable speed outdoor fans with EC motors, 10:1 turndown
• Double wall, G-90 galvanized steel insulated with 2” foil-faced R13 closed cell foam
• Removable hinged access doors
• User friendly human machine interface (HMI) for easy programming and data measurements
• Integrated controls with multiple PID loops to maximize energy efficiency
• Fully insulated controls cabinet
• CASLink cloud-based building management system

• Up to 4” additional filtration – MERV-8, 13, 15, and HEPA
• Up to 10-row coil
• Chilled Water options available
• Fully modulating hot gas reheat coil; allows for precise humidity and capacity control
• 90% high efficiency modular heating
• Propane, heat pump, hot water, or electric heat modular heating
• VFD or ECM supply fans
• Fully integrated, BAS, or DDC controls

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Additional Information
Operation & Installation Manual
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Mechanical Cooling, Heating & Reheat Process
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RTU Brochure
GreaseMaster RTU's Specifications


GreaseMaster's RTU is ETL-listed to the following standards: Standard for Safety Heating and Cooling Equipment ANSI/UL 1995, CSA 22.2 no. 236; American National Standard/CSA Standard for Gas Unit Heaters and Gas-Fired Duct Furnaces ANSI Z83.8-2013, CSA 2.6-2013.

GreaseMaster's RTU has been tested in accordance with the following standards: ANSI/AHRI Standard 340/360 – 2007, ANSI/ASHRAE Standard ANSI/ASHRAE 37 2009.